Industrial Process Monitoring

Action Instruments Co.

  • Limit Alarms & Isolators
  • Signal Conditioners
  • Digital Panel Meters
  • P/I and I/P Converters
  • Web Enabled Transmitters
  • Wireless Transmitters and Gateways

PMC Engineering LLC

  • Pressure Transmitters & Transducers
  • Submersible Level Transmitters
  • Pneumatic Pressure Transducers
  • Paper Machine Pressure Devices


  • Non-contact Rotating Torque Sensors
  • Non-Contact Reaction Torque Sensors
  • Digital / Bearingless Torque Sensors
  • Custom Load Cells
  • Signal Conditioning / Transmitters / Displays

STS Sensors

  • Industrial Pressure Transmitters
  • Digital Pressure Transmitters
  • OEM Piezoresistive Pressure Modules
  • Miniature Depth/Level Transmitter

EdgeTech Instruments

  • Moisture & Humidity Systems
  • Chilled Mirror Primary Systems for Dewpoint Measurement
  • Dewpoint Calibration Systems
  • Relative Humidity Calibration

Madison Company

  • OEM Temperature Switches
  • OEM Level Switches
  • Proximity Sensors

Precision Digital Corp

  • Digital Panel Meters
  • Large Display Meters
  • Process Monitors

Lion Precision

  • Eddy Current Displacement Sensors
  • Capacitive Displacement Sensors
  • Label Sensors
  • Machine Tool Performance Analyzers
  • Signal Coniditioning

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ISA is an international, non-profit, educational organization. The society fosters advancement in the theory, design, manufacture, and use of instruments, computers, and systems for measurement and control.