Signal Conditioning & Analysis

Precision Filters Inc.

  • Programmable Filter Systems with Signal Conditioning
  • Matrix Switches (Patch Panel Replacements)
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Multi-Channel, High Speed, Test Cell Data Systems

Data Physics Corporation

  • Dynamic Signal Analyzers
  • Vibration Controllers (Random, Sine, Mixed-Mode)
  • Rotating Machinery Analysis
  • Modal Analysis Software
  • Real-time FFT Measurements
  • Signal Synthesis
  • Structural Excitation Systems
  • Electrodynamic Shakers
  • Portable Signal Analyzers

Endevco Corporation

  • Multi-Channel Data Acquisition Systems for Structural Test Facilities
  • Charge, IEPE, Voltage, & Bridge Input Amplifiers
  • Endevco Also Manufactures a Complete Line of Accelerometers, Miniature Pressure Transducers and Signal Conditioning

Action Instruments Co.

  • Industrial Signal Conditioner
  • Digital Indicators
  • Isolation Modules & Display Devices
  • Networked I/O Devices
  • Transmitters & Alarm Modules
  • Radio Telemetry Systems

Data Translation

  • PCI Analog and Digital I/O Cards
  • Li-ioin Cell Measurement Systems
  • HEV Battery Test Modules
  • USB Based Data Acquisition Systems
  • Real Time Embedded DSP

Lion Precision

  • Eddy Current Displacement Sensors
  • Capacitive Displacement Sensors
  • Label Sensors
  • Machine Tool Performance Analyzers
  • Signal Coniditioning