• When it comes to Test and Measurement,
    Think RDP.

    We provide technical solutions for test
    markets with ever
    changing needs

Cincinnati Sub-Zero

Environmental Simulation Testing

S. Himmelstein & Company

Torque Instruments and Calibration

Despatch Industries

Laboratory & Industrial Ovens


Accelerometers & More


Precise and reliable pressure sensors for processes,
and depth and level monitoring

  • Test & Measurement 

    Test chambers, vibration systems, sensors and more..

  • Process Equipment & Instrumentation

    Pressure measurements, thermal processing, hazardous gas detection, 

  • Power Supply, Load, and Measurement

    Laboratory and industrial grade AC and DC supplies, loads, and electrical measurement

  • Generator Set

    Shock, Vibration, Motion, & Displacement

    Shakers and motion simulators in all sizes, industry standard-setting accelerometers and torque sensors.

  • fan-free-img

    Environmental Test & Simulation Systems

    As simple as temperature, humidity, and heating, as complex as corrosion, thermal shock, altitude simulation, and more.

  • Ovens, Industrial and Laboratory

    We have a solution for your thermal processing needs

  • wiring-free-img

    Pressure & Level Measurement Sensors

    Sensors specialized for varied applications, such as automotive,  aerospace, wastewater, pulp & paper, and food processing.

  • Lighting

    Electronic Power Supplies, Loads, & Test Equipment

    Power your next project, apply resistance with an electronic load, or analyze your electrical power in any number of ways.

  • Force and Torque Measurement

    Determine the torque through a drive shaft or the force needed to lift a latch

  • Gas Detection Systems

    Fixed gas detection systems for keeping your employees safe.

  • Automotive Safety Test Systems

    From comprehensive crash test facilities to accelerometers

  • circuit-img-100x100

    Data Acquisition Systems

    Data acquisition systems for dynamic signal analysis. Signal conditioning for sensors including strain gage, piezoelectric, and
    much more.

  • Quality work through dedication, since 1955.

    RDP Corporation is a Manufacturers' Representative and Sales Agency, serving the industrial, research, and scientific communities.

  • RDP, is an employee owned company...

    We have been providing solutions to the most demanding technical issues since 1955.  Offices are maintained throughout the area to support our customers which are concentrated in:

  • Ohio

  • Michigan

  • Indiana

  • Kentucky

  • West Virginia

  • Western Pennsylvania

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