• Data Acquisition Systems

  • Data Acquisition Systems

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    Precision Filters Inc.

    • High Accuracy Analog Signal Conditioning

    • Multi-channel Filter/Amplifier Systems

    • Programmable Matrix Switches

    • Transducer Conditioning Systems

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    Data Physics Corporation

    • Dynamic Signal Analyzers

    • Vibration Controllers (Random, Sine, Mixed-Mode)

    • Modal Analysis Software

    • Real-time FFT Measurements

    • Signal Synthesis

    • Structural Excitation Systems

    • Shakers and Slip-tables

    • Rotor Dynamics & Balancing

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    1st Instrumented Sensor Technology

    • Shock Event Recorders

    • Multi-axis Vibration Recorders for Distribution Damage Assessment

    • Packaging Test Recorders

    • Battery Powered Vibration Event Recorders

    • 6DOF Motion Recorders

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    Hioki USA Corporation

    • Power Quality Analyzers

    • Data Recorders and Loggers

    • Power Efficiency Meters

    • Leakage Current Testers

    • Battery Testers

    • LCR Testers

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    The following links are listed for informational purposes and are not meant to imply endorsement of our products by the referenced organizations. The RDP staff has determined these sites to be of significant interest and the links are offered as a service to our customers.

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    The Society of Automotive Engineers is the one stop resource for technical information used in the design, testing, and operation of motor vehicles.

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    The Society for Experimental Mechanics encompasses members from academia, government, & industry who are committed to application, R&D, education, and active promotion of experimental test methods.

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    The American Society for Testing & Materials is a non-profit organization created as a forum to develop and provide consensus standards, related technical information, and services to industry.

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