• Environmental Test & Simulation Systems

Environmental Test

With over 65 years of industry experience, RDP Corporation can provide a diverse range of environmental testing and simulation systems. Thermal, humidity, and altitude chambers, solar simulation systems, GPS environment simulation, UV weathering chambers, and shock and vibration environment simulation are just a few of the applications areas for which we are known.

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Cincinnati Sub-Zero

• Environmental Test Chambers
• Walk-in & Drive-in Chambers
• HALT/HASS Chambers
• Thermal Shock Chambers
• Industrial Freezers


EYE Applied Optix

• IR Test Chambers & Lighting
• UV Weathering Systems
• Solar Simulation Systems
• High Intensity LED Lighting


Equilam N.A.

• Salt & Fog Chambers
• Cyclic Corrosion Chambers
• Saturated Humidity
• UV Weathering Chambers
• Gravelometers


eMpulse Test Systems

• Road Simulators
• Multi-axis Test Systems
• Damper Test Systems
• Electric Linear Actuators
• Custom Load Frames


M+P International

• Shaker Control Systems
• 6DOF Multi-Axis Control
• Sound & Vibration Analyzers
• Test Cell Data Acquisition
• Test Stand Engineering



  • Incubators
  • Dry Heat Ovens
  • Steam Sterilizers/Generators
  • Depyrogenation Ovens
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Acutronic USA Inc.

• Precision Motion Simulators
• Angular Rate Tables
• 5-axis Hardware-in-the-Loop Systems
• IMU & Accelerometer Calibration Centrifuges


EdgeTech Instruments

• Chilled Mirror Dewpoint Instruments
• Dewpoint Calibration Systems
• Relative Humidity Cal Chambers
• Humidity Probes & Transmitters​

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