• When it comes to
    Test and Measurement,
    think RDP.

    We provide technical solutions for test
    markets with ever
    changing needs.

  • Quality work through dedication, since 1955.

    RDP Corporation is a Manufacturers' Representative and Sales Agency, serving the industrial, research, and scientific communities.

  • RDP, is an employee owned company...

    We have been providing solutions to the most demanding technical issues since 1955.  Offices are maintained throughout the area to support our customers which are concentrated in:

  • Ohio

  • Michigan

  • Indiana

  • Kentucky

  • West Virginia

  • Western Pennsylvania

  • Measurement & Sensing

    Accurate, reliable data...


  • Calibration & Data Acquisition

    Your signals, the way you need them.


  • Testing & Analysis

    Tightly controlled test conditions...


  • Generator Set

    Shock, Vibration, Motion, & Displacement

    Shakers and motion simulators in all sizes, industry standard-setting accelerometers and torque sensors.

  • Ceiling Fan

    Environmental Test & Simulation Systems

    As simple as temperature, humidity, and heating, as complex as corrosion, thermal shock, altitude simulation, and more.

  • Lighting

    Electronic Power Supplies, Loads, & Test Equipment

    Power your next project, apply resistance with an electronic load, or analyze your electrical power in any number of ways.

  • Wiring

    Pressure & Level Measurement Sensors

    Sensors specialized for varied applications, such as automotive,  aerospace, wastewater, pulp & paper, and food processing.

  • LED Bulb

    Time & Frequency Solutions

    Accurate time and frequency for complex systems. Complex GPS simulation, as well as precise real-world position, navigation,
    and timing.

  • circuit-img-100x100

    Data Acquisition Systems

    Data acquisition systems for dynamic signal analysis. Signal conditioning for sensors including strain gage, piezoelectric, and
    much more.

  • Why Choose Us

  • Based in the U.S. Great Lakes Region, RDP Corporation maintains employee-staffed offices in the Dayton, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh areas. Warehousing and calibration facilities are housed within the corporate offices in Dayton, Ohio.

    RDP is EDI capable. Electronic order processing relationships are established with a number of trading partners (customers) who choose to transact business in this manner.

  • Earthing

    Industry Knowledge

    RDP’s sales engineers have years of experience in a variety of applications.

  • 24x7 Support

    Rapid Response Time

    No question goes unanswered.

  • Cost Saving

    Exceptional Quality

    RDP prides itself upon the consistent quality and high performance of the products we provide.

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