Since 1963, PMC has been recognized as a leader in innovative technical solutions for the design of transmitters and transducers for the measurement of pressure, level, vacuum and other measurands in niche applications.

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    Versaline® Depth & Level Instruments

    The Versaline® submersible transmitters are based on more than 30 years of development to provide reliable products, customized for the demands of long term monitoring of ground, surface, waste water and oceanography. 

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    Precision Pressure Sensors

    PMC/STS offers a very comprehensive range of precision pressure transducers and transmitter

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    Flush-Mount Sensors

    The PMC patented flush-mount design was developed to solve one of the industry’s most challenging measurement problems – the precise and reliable measurement of pressure, level and vacuum on processes involving viscous and clogging fluids.

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    On Vehicle Measurement & Pressure Scanners

    PMC/KA provides a comprehensive range of on vehicle sensors specifically for the automotive industry for the testing of a wide range of parameters

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