RDP Provides High-End Equipment to Manufacturers in the Midwest Great Lakes Region

Thermal and Humidity 


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    Industrial Freezers and More

    Shrink Fitting, Cold Storage, Process Temperature and Humidity Control

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    Pressure Sensors

    Measure pressures in your process, monitor depth and level of reservoirs,

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    Industrial Ovens

    Industrial Drying, Curing, Heat Treating Processes and More

  • SDY Lineup

    Hazardous Gas Detection

    Keep Your Teams Safe.  Monitor for Oxygen Levels, Detect Leaks, 

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    Industrial Furnaces

    Special Industrial Furnaces, Ovens, Kilns, Quench Tanks and Heat Treating Systems

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    Plastic Extrusion Transducers

    Transducers designed and manufactured for precise accuracy, extended life, and robust design for challenging environments.

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    Large Industrial Ovens & Dryers. Thermal Oxidizers & Fume Abatement Systems. Powder Coating Pass-thru Ovens.

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    Batch Washers and Thermal Degreasers. Overhead and Roller Conveyor Ovens Complete Finishing Systems

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