• Products

    Ensuring accurate, reliable test results 

  • RDP Corporation currently sells or distributes products manufactured by a number of well known companies involved in the physical test and electronic test markets.

  • Transducers and Sensors

  • Shock, Vibration & Sound Measurement

  • Pressure, Level, Force, Torque, & Displacement

  • Temperature, Humidity, Airflow, & Gas Monitoring

  • Industrial Process Monitoring

  • Data Collection and Analysis

  • Signal Conditioning Analysis

  • Calibration & Metrology

  • Time, Frequency, & GPS Instruments

  • Electrical Power & Quality Test Instrumentation

  • Environmental Test and Test Conditions

  • Environmental Test Chambers

  • Solar Simulation & Lighting

  • Electronic Programmable Power Supplies & Loads

  • Industrial & Laboratory Ovens

  • Test Shakers & Control Systems

  • Corrosion & Salt Spray Chambers

  • Automotive

  • Automotive Testing Systems

  • Generator Set

    Shock, Vibration, Motion, & Displacement

    Shakers and motion simulators in all sizes, industry standard-setting accelerometers and torque sensors.

  • Ceiling Fan

    Environmental Test & Simulation Systems

    As simple as temperature, humidity, and heating, as complex as corrosion, thermal shock, altitude simulation, and more.

  • Lighting

    Electronic Power Supplies, Loads, & Test Equipment

    Power your next project, apply resistance with an electronic load, or analyze your electrical power in any number of ways.

  • Wiring

    Pressure & Level Measurement Sensors

    Sensors specialized for varied applications, such as automotive,  aerospace, wastewater, pulp & paper, and food processing.

  • LED Bulb

    Time & Frequency Solutions

    Accurate time and frequency for complex systems. Complex GPS simulation, as well as precise real-world position, navigation,
    and timing.

  • circuit-img-100x100

    Data Acquisition Systems

    Data acquisition systems for dynamic signal analysis. Signal conditioning for sensors including strain gage, piezoelectric, and
    much more.

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