• Tech Notes

Shock, Vibration, Sound & Environmental Testing
  •   The Vibration Institute
    A nationally recognized not-for-profit organization dedicated to the exchange of practical information about vibration and condition monitoring.

  •  Torque Measurement Resources
    This site, maintained by S.Himmelstein & Co., lists a variety of technical papers addressing how strain gage torque sensors work, tips for the proper installation of torque sensors, and a document regarding choosing the right torque sensor for specific applications.

  •  The Society of Automotive Engineers
    The SAE is the one stop resource for technical information used in the design, testing, and operation of motor vehicles.

  •  Endevco Technical Papers
    A list of technical papers and frequently asked questions regarding shock and vibration testing, use of accelerometers, and related topics.

  • SafetyWissen
    SafetyWissen.com supports automotive safety engineers. Instead of using multiple databases, engineers can now use this dedicated conglomeration of safety regulations and requirements. Search function, filters and categories make finding the right requirement easy.

  • Equipment Reliability Institute
    Links to consultants and trainers in the area of shock, vibration, and related fields and links to courses and material regarding shock and vibration.

  • Cincinnati Sub-Zero Technical Papers
    This site offers links to technical publications regarding environmental test chambers.

Calibration & Methodology

Water & Wastewater
  • The U.S. Geological Survey 
    Information providing hydrologic information and knowledge required to achieve the best use and management of the Nation's water resources..

  • The American Water Works Association
    An international nonprofit scientific and educational society dedicated to the improvement of drinking water quality and supply.

Industrial Process Measurement & Control
  • International Society of Automation
    The ISA is an international, non-profit, educational organization fostering advancement in the theory, design, manufacture, and use of instruments, computers, and systems for measurement and control.

Temperature & Humidity Measurement
  • Temperature Reference Information
    A site maintained by ISOTECH which provides links to the "Journal of Thermometery", general temperature calibration articles, as well as R to T calculations and International Temperature Scale (ITS-90) information..

  • Humidity Measurement Case Studies
    This site, maintained by EdgeTech contains articles regarding a variety of dew point measurement topics including chilled mirror depression, Peruvian Treasure, Sistine Chapel humidity measurement and more.

In addition to the above, many of the manufacturers that we represent have download libraries containing technical papers and application notes that address many issues relating to the products that they manufacture and the markets that they serve. We invite you to link to them through our Manufacturers page and follow the appropriate path to the technical library or download section. Our staff may also have knowledge relating to specific topics and we would also invite you to contact us either by phone or by use of the Contact Us page from our site.

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