RDP Provides High-End Equipment to Industry Leaders in Automotive, Pharmaceutical, and Defense Technology

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    Environmental Test Chambers

    CSZ offers a full range of standard and custom-designed chambers to control temperature, humidity, and pressure

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    Best-in-class sensors for the most mission-critical applications in aerospace, automotive, defense

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    Position, Navigation, Timing

    Defense and aerospace grade PNT, anti jamming

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    Laboratory Ovens

    Ovens for testing in above-ambient temperatures

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    Best-in-class sensors for the most mission-critical applications in aerospace, automotive, defense

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    Electrical Test & Measurement

    Data acquisition, battery testers, multi channel data loggers, power meters, and much more

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    Shakers, shaker controllers, and vibration analysis

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    Pressure Sensors

    Precision solutions for pressure, level, vacuum 

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    Signal Conditioning

    Precise analog signal conditioning, programmable filters, and more

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    Shock Testing

    Standard and high performance shock testing, vertical & horizontal shock machines

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    Torque Transducers

    Rotary and reaction transducers, calibration services

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    Motion Simulation

    Single to 5 axis simulation, rate tables

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    UV and Solar Testing

    Lighting systems for solar simulation, weathering tests, high speed imaging

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    Precise Displacement Measurement

    Eddy current and capacitive displacement probes, instrumentation

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    Laboratory Power

    DC electronic loads and power supplies

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    Corrosion Test Chambers

    Salt fog, cyclical corrosion tests, gravelometers

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    Humidity and Moisture

    Chilled mirror hygrometers, dewpoint transmitters

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    Laboratory Power

    AC electronic loads and power supplies

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    Advanced Thermal Solutions

    Hot Wire Anemometer Systems
    Airflow Monitoring
    Wind Tunnel Systems for Electronics
    Cold Plates for Thermal Management

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    MEA Testing Systems

    EV Motor Testing
    Inertial Dynamometer Systems
    Electric Dynamometers Test Systems

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    Aries Test Systems

    Vehicle Component Testing Systems
    Pedestrian Protection Testing
    Bumper Impact Testers

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